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AI for RevOps -
Prepare for 2022

RevOps drives full-funnel accountability through the alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Service across your organization's process, platform, and people. As organizations scale, the need for AI becomes apparent. See how to use AI to keep your data usable & reliable as you grow.


  • How to maximize your RevOps investments with AI in 2022
    By Penguin Strategies (starts at minute 3:30)
  • Examples of use cases of AI to aid CROs/CMOs
    By Noogata (starts at minute 33:00)
  • Examples of use cases of AI to aid email marketing
    By Seventh Sense (starts at minute 1:03:45)
  • Examples of use cases of AI to aid lead scoring
    By Sisense (starts at minute 1:36:45)

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Oren Raboy 1


Oren Raboy, 

Co-Founder & CTO, 



Mike Donnelly 1


Mike Donnelly, 

CEO & Co-Founder, 

Seventh Sense

Bar Danosh 1


Bar Danosh,

Performance & Operations, 



Maor Ventorero 1


Maor Ventorero, 

Chief of RevTech, 

Penguin Strategies