Driving traffic to your blog is great – but it’s only half the challenge. Let’s face it, if your blog isn’t actually converting visitors, then your job as a marketer is far from over. Your blog is there to yes, share information but ultimately to reach out to your customers and connect with them. Beyond just writing engaging content, you need to make sure that it encourages your readers to take that next step, and click on the CTA to leave their details on your landing pages. Without that connection your blog has served only half it's purpose. 

In this webinar, B2B marketing expert Roy Povarchik talked about the most common mistakes bloggers make when trying to convert readers into leads. With his years of experience Roy was able to convey this message clearly and in an entertaining manner. These mistakes when posting blogs can be done so easily, but they can be what makes your blog a success or a failure. 

Roy is the founder of a growth hacking and content marketing agency that’s focused on helping companies - and startups in particular, grow and build an active community around their product.

Watch the 45-minute webinar, and learn how to:

  • Optimize blog layout and design to increase conversions
  • Create conversion-worthy content
  • Align CTAs with the content you’re promoting
  • Double email sign-ups from your blog 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from an expert in this field. Your blogs, when done right, have the power to connect you to your readers in a very successful way, which will lead to business growth on many levels.