Below are 12 questions. Run through them to determine if your business can benefit from Marketing Automation. 
Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

  1. Are most of your leads coming from conferences and prospecting?

  2. Do you have a complex solution which involves education and a number of touch points with a customer, occurring over a long period of time and at various levels and areas of decision-making?

  3. Are you short on resources to educate and run marketing initiatives?

  4. Do you have different types of marketing channels (such as pay-per-click, email, webinars, events, trade shows, social media) all working independently and not integrated?

  5. Do you lack a way to track valuable metrics like click-through or opportunities created from specific email campaigns?

  6. Do you have Salesforce or another CRM system?

  7. Do you have minimal insight of the success of your marketing and ROI?

  8. Can you link sales back to a specific campaign or activity consistently?

  9. Are your marketing budgets allocated based on guesswork?

  10. Do sales waste a lot of time talking to bad leads?

  11. Does your sales team think marketing is not pulling its weight?

  12. Do you lack a formal process for assigning leads, qualifying them and moving them through the sales cycle?

    If you answered yes more times than no to these questions then it’s time to start thinking about marketing automation.
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    *Photo credit to flickr user Yasmeen