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Watch Shoham Eckhaus deliver the Good CMO / Bad CMO presentation from the Google campus in Tel Aviv.

Shoham Video Preview-04

In this video, Shoham covers the key factors for success for startup marketers in 2020. Drawing from her own experiences, she drills down on what marketing leaders should be focused on. Additionally, she shares the lessons she's learned from working with dozens of tech startup leaders over the past year.

Be sure you don't miss Shoham mentioning her Top 5 CMO Issues that, in her opinion, are the most important to do well, and when done right have the biggest impact in results.

What you'll learn from this presentation:

  • Why consistency is just as important as quality
  • How to strike a balance between short- and long-term wins
  • Game-changing assets that take time to build.
  • Why you should have a playbook.
  • How the CMO should MASTER the B2B customer journey

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