To stand out from the ever increasing competition in the market, businesses need to have an eye on the future. It is every marketers dream to be able to know their target market’s current and future needs. While tracking and addressing the current needs is rather easy, it is predicting the future that can seem bewildering.
In this webinar, we discussed how to use predictive marketing to attract better leads, keep them engaged and improve sales conversion.

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced marketing environment, consumer trends and behaviors can change at a moment’s notice. It’s only fitting, therefore, that the next wave of marketing technology solutions focus not on what consumers are doing, but what they will do.
Based on recent research, digital marketing is in a state of “trial and error.” In this webinar, Ellen Stenlauf, CEO at Breakoutrevenue, discussed how to accelerate the revenue pipeline by helping marketing & sales teams work together to leverage customer data and predictive technology to eliminate the guesswork.
Ellen helps mature marketing organizations accelerate their pipeline by applying predictive content analytics to deeply understand their buyers' interests and optimal path to purchase.
Watch this webinar and learn how to use data and predictive analytics to:
  • Attract the leads your sales team is asking for, with LESS content
  • Accelerate the pipeline by personalizing the buyer’s experience 
  • Pass a customized call and email script to the sales team based on a lead's personal interest 

    Screen_Shot_2015-11-01_at_9.41.03_AM-1 Ellen Steinlauf, CEO at   Breakoutrevenue, advises and consults with companies who sell complex B2B   solutions, helping to accelerate revenue using data, analytics & demand generation technologies. Ellen works with CEOs, CMOs, CSOs applying proven methodologies, processes backed by predictive 'content' analytics to significantly accelerate pipeline velocity.

Watch the webinar