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OCTOBER 18 | 16:00 IST


HubSpot's Content Assistant

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Sep 20

Designing a Personalization Strategy for Your Business

Gabe Wahhab Headshot

Gabe Wahhab

Oct 4

On Break

This week Hack we will be on break, see you in two weeks!


Mark Fisher

Oct 18

Content Assistant

Katie will walk us through HubSpot's Content Assistant

Katie Tade Headshot-1

Featured Speaker

Katie Tade

Nov 1

How to Manage Your TechStack

Regev Eyal Headshot

Featured Speaker

Regev Eyal

Nov 15

Dirty Data Cleanup & Other Ops Hub Use Cases

Jocelyn Horn Headshot

Featured Speaker

Jocelyn Horn

Nov 29



Sheri Otto Headshot

Featured Speaker

Sheri Otto


Personalization Strategy

September 20, 2023

Designing A Personalization Strategy

HubSpot's Gabe Wahhab shares why personalization is so vital for B2Bs today and how to begin implementing your B2B's own personalization strategy.
LP Card John Opie

September 6, 2023

Advanced Automations

John Opie shares how to repurpose your pipeline with automations.
LP Card Avner

July 26, 2023

5 Best Practices for Improving Pipeline Management

Avner Baruch shares 5 best practices from avoiding blindspots to identifying and removing friction between departments.
LP card-Kobi

July 12, 2023

From MQL to AI-QL: Enhancing Sales and Marketing Alignment

Kobi Stok of discusses how only 30% of MQLs are quality MQLs...and shows us how scoring them with AI leads to more SQLs.
LP card-Amit

June 28, 2023

Spot Me If You Can: AI Wonders in HubSpot

Watch how you can add hours to your day by creating contacts lists in seconds and emails almost equally as fast. Amit also shares highly-effective prompting hacks for anybody to use.
Advanced Lead Scoring

June 14, 2023

Advanced Lead Scoring

Most Sales Teams have high expectations for the Leads they’re handed. You may be using lead scoring, but could you be using it better? Moran Halevy and Mark tackle Lead Scoring—with sophistication.

May 31, 2023

HubSpot - Salesforce Integration

Penguin Strategies' Chief Solutions Architect, Miha Iluz, shares best practices for a smooth Salesforce integration as well as how to address common errors that pop up.
AI Powered Analytics

May 17, 2023

AI-Powered Analytics

Peter Caputa of Databox shares 7 Performance Habits of Highly Successful Companies AND how to use predictive AI to improve performance and tighten forecasts.
Sales Hub for SDRs

May 3, 2023

Sales Hub for SDRs & BDRs

Tip Amblard, HubSpot's Partner Enablement Specialist, talks about enabling your sales teams by cleaning your CRM, aligning your teams and integrating your tech stack into HubSpot.
LP card-Cian-02

April 19, 2023

Customer Success

Cian McLoughlin, Principal Customer Success Manager at HubSpot, explains how to improve and manage your customer success in HubSpot.
Eyal - CPQs

March 22, 2023

CPQ's from A-Z

Eyal Orgil, CRO @, explains how to create price quotes and when you need the advanced solution, CPQ (=configure price quote).
Yoni - AI Tools

March 22, 2023

HubSpot's NEW AI Tools

ChatSpot and Content Assistant are HubSpot's new exciting AI tools. Watch this to see the tools in action with real use cases and what you can do while you're waitlisted to try it.
Mike Donnelly

March 8, 2023

Get Your Emails Delivered

Stop ‘saving time’ using AI tools to write emails that recipients aren’t seeing or receiving… Get through the firewalls, stay out of the spam box, and get the most out of AI.
Itay Waisman

February 22, 2023

ABM Ads: Measurable & Immeasurable Attribution

HubSpot paid ads including: ad management tools, target account tools, prospecting, and reporting.
Resa Gooding

February 8, 2023

Raising the Bar on Reporting

Learn the 5 reports every boss wants to see and how to create them with HubSpot's custom report builder.
LP card-Mark (1)

January 25th, 2023

HubSpot Campaigns from A-Z

One of the most under-maximized parts of HubSpot - dive into the key components.
LP card-Kyle

January 11th, 2023

Developing Scalable Hubspot Solutions

HubSpot's UNIQUE ADVANTAGES for building Playbooks for your Sales and Customer Success Teams.


Chief Technical Officer and Head of RevOps

Mark "HubSpot" Fisher is a tower of marketing automation expertise blended with sales enablement technology. He turns B2B marketing managers' bold wishes into operational reality through his experience and know-how within HubSpot. Now he will share that knowledge and experience with you!



CEO of Penguin Strategies

Perry almost single-handedly led Penguin to become the first HubSpot Diamond Partner in Israel, heading the Penguin Strategies team of marketers who help global B2B technology companies scale their marketing and meet business growth goals. He delivers talks about marketing automation and RevOps.